Ant Control Burnley

Ant Control Burnley

The black garden ant is a common sight in many gardens where nests often form under paving stones, in soil and between brickwork.

Black garden ants are small, wingless nipped waists, and there may be as many as 15,000 black garden ants in a single colony.

Each colony makes a nest which contains many worker ants – wingless females that cannot lay eggs. Instead, one or larger, egg-laying queen ant will be fertilised by winged males.

Black ants will venture indoors foraging for food and sugary substances – the nest is their base for breeding and where their foraging expeditions start.

Ants swarm once a year, often in August. The young queens fly away to set up their colonies. You may have heard of ‘flying ant day‘…

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    Causes of Ant Infestation

    As you may expect, with up to 15,000 mouths to feed, ants are looking for a reliable food source.

    Ants are attracted to any food source, so if your kitchen has uncovered or unsealed food in cupboards, they will find their way.

    And once they’ve found their way to a good food source, they will leave a pheromone trail so all their friends can easily get to it too!

    But it’s not just food they need. They also need a water source. So, in addition to quenching their immediate thirst, they will take water back to their colony to store for future use and, just as with the food source, will leave a scent trail to attract other ants.

    Signs Of An Ant Infestation

    Ants – If you start to see ants in the house, they have identified this as a source of food and water and will be scouting and laying trails for other ants to follow.

    Ants on exposed food – Any exposed food will attract ants fairly quickly when an ant infestation is present. This also applies to unsealed food in cupboards.

    Pet Food – It’s not just your food that is attractive to ants. Ants aren’t fussy and happily help themselves to the family pet’s food bowl.

    Patio/Paving– If you have a patio or paving stones, you will see small dirt or dust piled up around any cracks with lots of ants walking around.

    Ant Control Treatment

    For common garden ants (Lasius Niger), we would generally apply an insecticide bait which is consumed and then carried back to the nest to be distributed amongst the entire colony.

    This is ideally suited to springtime as ant colonies become very strong later in the year, and multiple treatments may be required to eradicate the issue completely.

    Occasionally, we may bait the property’s external only and internally apply an appropriate residual insecticide to act as a banded spray. This creates an impassable barrier to prevent foraging ants from causing a nuisance in kitchens and living rooms.

    Call us now if you think you may have a problem with ants –07443 052851