Ant Control Nelson

Ant Control Nelson

Black garden ants are frequently observed in gardens, creating nests in the ground, between brickwork, and beneath paving stones.

Black garden ants can have up to 15,000 members in one colony. These ants have tiny bodies, no wings, and slender waists.

Worker ants, females without wings and unable to lay eggs, make up the colony. Wingless males fertilise the egg-laying queen ants.

Black ants may enter buildings in quest of food and delicious substances. Still, their nest serves as their home and a launching pad for foraging excursions.

A "Flying Ant Day" event occurs every August when young queens fly off to found new colonies.

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    Causes of Ant Infestations

    Ants are social pests living in colonies and always looking for food, water, and hiding places. Ants may be drawn to your property for a variety of reasons, including:

    Food Sources: Crumbs, spills, open food containers, and unopened pantry goods are all sources of readily available food that entice ants. These sources allow them access to your house or place of business.

    Water: Ants require water to survive, like all other living beings. Ants may enter your home through leaky faucets, pipes, and moist locations.

    Entry Points: Ants can enter your home through tiny gaps, cracks, or crevices in your walls, doors, windows, or foundation. They are skilled at taking advantage of even the smallest gaps.

    Ant Control Treatment

    We often use pesticide bait on common garden ants that they eat and then carry back to the nest to disperse to the entire colony.

    This is perfect for spring because ant colonies are quite robust later in the year and may need several treatments to be eliminated.

    In rare cases, we may poison the exterior of a property while applying a good residual insecticide internally. This forms an impenetrable barrier to stopping foraging ants from annoying kitchens and living spaces.

    Wallace Pest Control employs a practical and environmentally safe approach to eliminate ant infestations in Nelson. Our skilled professionals take a comprehensive approach to achieving long-lasting results.

    With our expertise and knowledge in the field, Wallace Pest Control is your reliable partner for ant control in Nelson. We prioritise customer satisfaction and ensure our practices are safe for the environment, your family, and your pets.

    Ant Control Nelson

    Prevent ants from taking over your property. Contact us now for efficient and professional ant control services in Nelson. Wallace Pest Control will help you bid farewell to unwelcome visitors.