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Honeybee removal and swarm collecting for the Burnley area

Honeybee collecting pollen from spring dandelions near to a colony of bees to be removed
Honeybee foraging

Honeybees are amazing little insects that we love worldwide because of their benefit to man. In fact we appreciate them so much that as beekeepers we have beehives in three sites in Burnley, Pendle and Accrington. We call these sites apiaries and we enjoy spending an awful lot of time in summer rehoming bees we breed, rescue or swarms we collect. Our bees are mostly rescues from bee removals we carry out in Burnley and other local areas.

Honeybees are normally gentle creatures you may see in the garden or park. However they will sometimes cause a nuisance for homeowners when they swarm.

So what is a swarm?

A swarm is how bee populations increase, it is a colony splitting itself into two smaller colonies. Unfortunately one of the colonies needs to find a new home.

A swarm begins when the bees realise they are over crowded in their current home. Then begins preparations for making new queen bees that will take over the old home. The original queen goes on a strict diet in order to lose weight so she can fly. This original queen then leaves with around half the bees which will find a new home in a cavity. The only problem with this is that in an age of housing estates and cities, this new home may be in your roof space, your cavity wall, an old tree in the garden or even your hot tub (yes we really did once remove a colony of bees from a hot tub)!

Not to worry though, we can help collect swarms or rehome bees that decided your home had potential. We have tradesmen who work with us regularly for more specialist removals.

Honey Bee Swarm Collection

Please note that we do not offer a free swarm collection service. We are however more than happy to put you in touch with people that do! Follow the link for help from the British Beekeepers Association 


Bumblebees, our furry  little friends

Bumblebee flying over white clover flowers in summer
Bumblebee in summer

During the spring months we are often receive calls for wasp nests which inevitably turn out to be social bumblebees. It is important to note that bumblebees only have a short season and life span. They are extremely reluctant to sting therefore we always recommend leaving them to die off at the end of the season naturally. Don’t worry they wont reuse the same nest!


If however you have a bumblebee colony that is aggressive or being a nuisance we can help. We are very lucky to have a site at Newchurch-In-Pendle that allows us to rehome bumblebees that required removing. Most of our bee removals from the Burnley area end up here. We are extremely grateful for their continued support and cooperation in the preservation of our bumblebee population. Again a big thank you Shekinah from all of us at Wallace Pest Control.


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