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Blackburn Professional Flea Control Services 

Many houses have cats or dogs because they make fantastic pets. The issue is that they also result in frequent flea infestations! 

It just takes a few fleas to see your dog and decide they like the look of it for them to start multiplying quickly. Fleas must be eradicated as soon as possible since their bites are painful and can lead to allergic reactions in humans and animals. 

This is where we can help! 

Wallace Pest Control offers the best service on flea infestations in the Blackburn area.


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If you live in Blackburn or the wider surrounding area (including Brownhill, Darwen, Rishton or Mellor) and suspect that you may have a wasp nest on your property please make Wallace Pest Control your first port of call.

Contact us below or call us on 07443 052851 and our experienced friendly team will offer advice and provide an effective solution.

    Flea Removal Treatment

    We employ the newest and most powerful techniques to eliminate your fleas permanently. 

    We provide a range of flea-removal options, including ULV and fogging, two of the most effective and tried-and-true methods. We also have non-chemical options that eliminate fleas in your house but need multiple treatments. 

    Although not all flea treatments do this, the flea elimination methods we painstakingly examined and tested are designed to kill any fleas that may emerge from eggs in the future, in addition to taking care of the fleas that are already inhabiting your home.

    Call Wallace Pest Control on 07443 052851 immediately if you need flea infestation assistance. A welcoming team member will be pleased to address any concerns you may have. 

    90% of the time, just one visit is all it takes for our fumigation treatments to be effective!

    How To Get Rid Of Fleas

    Need Fast Flea Control?

    No problem! 

    Wallace Pest Control is aware that you could need our services right away. Therefore, whether you need us to treat a flea infestation in your home or business, we will try to arrive within 24 hours of your contact. 

    Not only can our experts eliminate your existing flea infestation, but they will also provide you with the greatest assistance and guidance to stop them from returning in the future.

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    Taking Care of Yourself and Your Pet 

    Before responding to frequently asked questions, we suggest you take your dog or cat to your normal veterinarian if you think they may have fleas. They will receive a flea treatment there.

    Flea bites on you are typically not harmful and are best treated with itch-relieving creams or lotions. But, if someone in the house does experience an allergic reaction, it is important to contact emergency services.

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    How To Prevent Fleas

    Preventing fleas can be a challenging task, but there are steps to reduce the likelihood of a flea infestation:

    Treat your pets regularly: Fleas often infest pets, so treating your pets with flea-preventive medication is crucial. Consult your veterinarian for the most effective flea prevention options for your pets.

    Vacuum frequently: Vacuum your floors, carpets, and furniture regularly to remove flea eggs, larvae, and adults. 

    Wash bedding and fabrics: Wash your pet's bedding and any fabric items, such as blankets or pillows, regularly in hot water to kill fleas and their eggs.

    Keep your garden clean: Mow your lawn regularly, trim shrubs and trees, and remove any debris or clutter from your yard to reduce flea habitats.

    Treat your home and yard: If you have a flea infestation, you may need to use a flea control product to eliminate the fleas in your home and yard. Consult a professional exterminator or use a flea control product recommended by your veterinarian.

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    Flea Treatment Blackburn

    If fleas are still pestering you, contact us now or call us on 07443 052851, and our experienced, friendly team will offer advice and provide an effective solution.