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As accredited Guild Of British Molecatchers members, we can provide a quality mole removal service in Burnley and the surrounding areas.

Have you put hours of work and hundreds of pounds into making your lawn as pristine as a bowling green? Dismayed because hills sprout up all over your grass?

Well, we are here to help. We have specialised in mole-catching work on farms across the northwest for many years. On some of the larger farms and estates, we could have up to 800 traps set at any time of year.

Why is this relevant to you and your lawn?

Well, you're in good hands with Wallace Pest Control, accredited as stated by the Guild of British Molecatchers and certified in trapping garden moles by UK Rural Skills.

We are Burnley based with many years of experience removing garden moles. We have even run mole-trapping training days at agricultural colleges!

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    The Guild of British Mole-Catchers

    The Guild is a non-profit organisation established for mole-catchers to demonstrate their proficiency in traditional mole control methods.

    Due to their environmental impact, it was and remained ardently opposed to using poisons and gassing compounds.

    As members, we try to promote better standards of mole catching to ensure the animal's welfare.

    This involves regular inspections of traps along with proper training in trapping techniques.

    For information on the Code of Best Practice, please visit The Guild of British Molecatchers.


    Proud member of the Guild of British Molecatchers

    Mole Control FAQs

      1. What is a Mole? Moles are small mammals that predate mostly on worms within their underground tunnel systems.
      2. How do you remove them? We strictly use a method known as tunnel trapping and carry out using high-powered spring traps within the mole's tunnels.
      3. Can I do it myself? Many homeowners attempt (often unsuccessfully) to remove moles using traps from hardware shops or borrowed from friends. Skill is required to catch moles humanely and efficiently, so we always recommend using a professional service.
      4. Why have moles come into my garden? Moles move for various reasons, such as a rising water table, lack of food or sometimes because of disturbance.
      5. How do I stop moles from digging under my fence? We have seen some great effort go into mole prevention. Very little can be done to prevent access by moles in a cost-effective manner.
      6. My neighbour won't do anything about their mole, will this affect me? Provided the mole is well-fed, this shouldn't cause too many issues because moles are very territorial; therefore, it is unlikely there is more than one in your garden.
      7. Are your methods humane? We do not offer a live catch service as there is a very small success rate in the relocation of moles. Due to their stress and metabolism, moles can starve to death within hours. However, we only use the highest quality traps and, when deployed by experienced mole-catchers, provide an instant and humane dispatch.

      If you have a mole problem, call Wallace Pest Control now on 07443 052851 or message us through our website. Contact Us