Mole Removal Accrington

Expert Mole Removal Services in Accrington

We take pride in providing Accrington and the surrounding areas with top-notch mole removal services as qualified Guild of British Molecatchers members.

Have you spent much time and money maintaining a perfect lawn only to discover mole hills dotting your yard? Be at ease; we are here to assist. We are qualified to help you because we have years of expertise working exclusively on farms throughout the northwest doing mole-catching labour. We have set up to 800 traps at a time on larger farms and estates over the year.

Why should Wallace Pest Control be your first choice for mole removal?

We have the Guild of British Molecatchers certification and UK Rural Skills certification to catch garden moles successfully. We are in Accrington and have given mole-trapping training sessions even at agricultural universities. We have great experience in getting rid of garden moles.

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    The Guild of British Mole-Catchers

    The Guild of British Mole-Catchers was founded to promote proficiency in conventional mole management methods. We vehemently oppose the use of poisons and gases owing to the environmental harm they cause. 

    As members, we work to advance greater mole-capturing standards while emphasising animal care. We adhere to important standards, including regular trap inspections and suitable training in trapping techniques. For more information, visit The Guild of British Molecatchers and consult the Code of Best Practice.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Mole Control

    Q. What draws moles to my garden?

    A: Moles are drawn to yards where their main food sources, such as insects, earthworms, and grubs, are in large quantities. Moles may be attracted to your yard by moist soil, a strong insect population, and high organic matter content.

    Q. Do moles pose a threat?

    A: Although moles are not harmful to people, their activity in digging tunnels can harm your lawn, garden, or landscaping. Raised molehills and tunnels can be ugly, and difficult to keep a yard looking nice.

    Q. What techniques are employed to manage moles?

    Professional mole control services commonly use a combination of trapping and deterrents. Moles are frequently caught using traps like scissors and tunnel traps. Acoustic or repellant devices, as well as other deterrents, can aid in keeping moles out of your garden.

    Mole Removal Accrington

    Wallace Pest Control can be reached at 07443 052851 or contact us if you have a mole problem.