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We can offer Blackburn and the surrounding areas a high-quality mole removal service since we are certified Guild Of British Molecatchers members.

Have you spent countless hours and countless dollars to make your lawn as spotless as a bowling green? You're upset because hills are forming all over your grass.

We can certainly help, though. For many years, we have specialised in performing mole-catching work on farms throughout the northwest. We may place up to 800 traps at any time of year on some larger farms and estates.

Exactly why does this matter to you and your lawn?

Wallace Pest Control is qualified to provide pest control services, according to the Guild of British Molecatchers, and UK Rural Skills has certified them to capture garden moles.

With many years of experience eliminating garden moles, we are based in Blackburn. Even at agricultural universities, we've held training sessions for mole-trapping.

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    The Guild of British Mole-Catchers

    The Guild was created as a non-profit organisation for mole-catchers to show off their expertise in conventional mole management techniques.

    It was and still is vehemently opposed to employing poisons and gassing substances because of their negative environmental effects.

    To ensure the animal's welfare, as members, we work to encourage higher standards of mole catching.

    Regular trap inspections and appropriate instruction in trapping methods are required for this.

    Visit The Guild of British Molecatchers for the Code of Best Practice details.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Mole Control

    Q: How can I tell if I have a mole issue?

    A: Raised molehills or ridges in your yard, tunnels or tracks in the soil, and damage to plant roots or the subsurface portions of your lawn indicate a mole problem.

    Q: What attracts moles to my yard?

    A: Since their main food sources are insects, earthworms, and grubs, moles are drawn to yards with plentiful supplies. Moles may be drawn to your yard by elements like damp soil, an abundance of insects, and a rich organic matter content.

    Q: Are moles dangerous?

    A: Moles are usually not dangerous to people, but their tunnelling activity can ruin your grass, garden, or landscaping. In addition to being unattractive, the raised molehills and tunnels can make it difficult to keep a tidy garden.

    Q: What techniques are employed to manage moles

    A: Professional mole control services frequently use trapping and deterrents in tandem. Moles are frequently caught using traps like tunnel traps and scissor traps. Moles can also be deterred from invading your garden by using deterrents like repellents or acoustic devices.

    Mole Removal Blackburn

    If you have a mole problem, call Wallace Pest Control on 07443 052851 or message us through our website. Contact Us