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Expert Mole Removal Services in Darwen

As proud members of the Guild of British Molecatchers, we are the leading professionals in providing top-quality mole removal services in Darwen and the surrounding areas.

Are you frustrated with the molehills that are ruining the pristine appearance of your meticulously maintained lawn? Don't worry; we can help. With years of experience in mole-catching work on farms throughout the northwest, we are well-equipped to handle any mole problem. On larger farms and estates, we have successfully deployed up to 800 traps at any given time of the year.

Why Choose Wallace Pest Control For Your Mole Removal?

Our team at Wallace Pest Control is certified by the Guild of British Molecatchers, ensuring that we deliver exceptional pest control services. Additionally, we have been certified by UK Rural Skills to capture garden moles. With our extensive experience in eliminating garden moles, we are based in Darwen and have even conducted training sessions for mole-trapping at agricultural universities.

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    About the Guild of British Molecatchers

    The Guild of British Molecatchers was established as a non-profit organisation to showcase mole-catchers' expertise in traditional mole management techniques. We strongly oppose poisons and gassing substances due to their harmful environmental impact. 

    As members, we uphold high standards of mole catching to ensure the welfare of these animals. This includes regular trap inspections and proper training in trapping methods. For more details, visit The Guild of British Molecatchers website to access the Code of Best Practice.

    the guild of british molecatchets

    Mole Control FAQs

    Q: How can I determine if I have a mole problem?

    A: Raised molehills or ridges in your yard, tunnels or tracks in the soil, and damage to plant roots or the subsurface portions of your lawn are signs of a mole problem.

    Q: What methods are used for mole control?

    A: Professional mole control services often combine trapping and deterrents. Traps like tunnel traps and scissor traps are commonly employed to catch moles. Deterrents, such as repellents or acoustic devices, can also discourage moles from invading your garden.

    Q: Is mole control safe for the environment and pets?

    A: Reputable pest control companies prioritise environmental protection and the safety of pets. They employ humane trapping techniques and environmentally friendly deterrents to minimise harm to non-target animals and the local ecology.

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    Mole Control

    If you're experiencing a mole problem, please call Wallace Pest Control at 07443 052851 or contact us through our website. Contact Us.