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Leading Mole Removal Services in Nelson

As Guild of British Molecatchers certified members, we provide quality mole removal services in Nelson and the surrounding areas.

Have you spent much time and money maintaining a perfect lawn only to discover unsightly molehills cluttering your landscape?

Not to worry, we can assist. We've spent years perfecting the art of mole-catching on farms all over the northwest. We can set up to 800 traps at any time of the year on larger farms and estates.

So why should Wallace Pest Control be your first choice for your mole problem?

The Guild of British Molecatchers has recognised our team as trained to perform pest management services. UK Rural Skills has granted us certification to catch garden moles. We are situated in Nelson, have a lot of expertise in getting rid of garden moles, and have even taught mole-trapping techniques at agricultural universities.

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    About the Guild of British Mole-Catchers

    The Guild was created as a nonprofit organisation to display mole-catchers' prowess in using conventional mole management methods. Due to their detrimental environmental impact, we are adamantly opposed to using poisons and gassing agents. 

    To safeguard the well-being of these animals, as members, we work hard to uphold high standards of mole catching. Regular trap inspections and appropriate instruction in trapping techniques are part of this. For further information, visit The Guild of British Molecatchers and consult their Code of Best Practice.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Mole Control

    Q: How can I determine if I have a mole problem?

    A: Raised molehills or ridges in your yard, tunnels or tracks in the soil, and damage to plant roots or the subsoil indicate the presence of moles.

    Q: What methods are used to control moles?

    A: Professional mole control services typically employ a combination of trapping and deterrents. Traps such as tunnel and scissor traps are commonly used to catch moles. Deterrents like repellents or acoustic devices can also discourage moles from invading your garden.

    Q: Is mole control safe for the environment and pets?

    A: Reputable pest control companies prioritise environmental protection and pet safety. They utilise humane trapping techniques and environmentally friendly deterrents to minimise potential harm to non-target animals and the local ecosystem.

    Mole Removal Nelson

    If you face a mole problem, call Wallace Pest Control at 07443 052851 or message us through our website. Contact Us.