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Dealing with rat infestations in Nelson can be worrisome and pose potential risks. Our dedicated crew is here to provide efficient methods for removing rats from your property.

There are about 55 distinct diseases that rats are known to transmit. Their razor-sharp incisor teeth can seriously damage doors, pipelines, electrical wires, ceiling joists, and flooring. They frequently shred items like paper, linen, and plastic for their nests.

There are likely 5 to 10 additional rats in the same nest if you've already seen one. A social colony of up to 100 rats can also emerge when many nests nearby join together when there is a good food supply.

Rats reproduce quickly, with a gestation period of only three weeks, and they can become pregnant again immediately after giving birth.

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    Causes of Rat Infestations

    There are various causes of rat infestations in Nelson:

    Food Availability: Rats are drawn to places where food is readily available, such as open trash cans, pet food left outside, or badly stored food in kitchens or pantries.

    Shelter and Nesting Sites: Rats choose warm, isolated regions as both a place to hide out and as a place to build their nests. They can infiltrate buildings through tiny gaps or holes in the walls, roofs, or foundations.

    Water Sources: Rats must have access to water to survive. Dripping pipes, stagnant water, or outside water sources may draw them to your house.

    Signs of Rat Infestations

    Early detection of rat infestation signs is crucial for successful pest treatment. Look out for the following warning signs:

    Rat Droppings: Rat excrement is normally tiny, black, and shaped like a pellet. It can be discovered along walls, in cupboards, or near food sources.

    Gnaw Marks: Rats regularly chew on various objects to keep their teeth sharp. Examine any wires, wood, furniture, or other objects for gnaw marks.

    Tracks and Rub Marks: Rats frequently travel along the same paths, leaving greasy rub marks on walls or baseboards. You could also see foot or tail drag marks in dusty regions.

    Nests: Rats construct their nests using shredded items like paper, fabric, or insulation. Nests are frequently discovered in concealed locations like attics, basements, or under appliances.

    Unusual Noises and Odours: Rats are active at night, so you may hear scratching, scurrying, or squeaking sounds. You may also smell unusual odours. Additionally, strange odours may be present, with a pungent, musty smell indicating the presence of rats.

    Treatment of Rat Infestation

    Professional assistance is recommended to eliminate a rat infestation using lethal and non-lethal methods, including traps and rodenticides.

    Our objectives are to provide long-term prevention and address the immediate problem. Because of their versatility, controlling rats can be difficult and frequently calls for a specialist's knowledge. With just a hole the size of a 50p coin, rats can enter and wreak havoc.

    Damaged drain systems, which drain inspectors and builders frequently disregard, primarily cause rat infestations. Many houses still have ceramic drains that are over a century old. Over time, these drains can become misaligned, cracked, or damaged, which allows rodents to enter from below.

    Wallace Pest Control is pleased to support the CRRU initiative. This implies that we always prioritise the wise use of rodenticides while implementing various control methods with the well-being of our wildlife in mind.

    If you have spotted a rat or suspect a rat problem in Nelson, call us immediately at 07443 052851.