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Rat Removal Accrington

Brown rats will eat almost anything however they prefer foods that are rich in starch or protein. They can enter a building through a hole as small as 1/2 inch in diameter as strong swimmers and diggers there isn’t much that will stop them from reaching food and causing mayhem.

In built up areas rats can readily find food from a variety of sources such as waste from commercial kitchens and restaurants, in addition to debris and garbage obtained from scavenging in domestic refuse or in drains and sewers.

Rats – The Threat

Rats are a hazard to public health they can transmit a number of diseases along with other serious problems such as Salmonella bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Not only are rats dangerous to your health but also to your property, they have very hard front teeth which can penetrate materials as hard as concrete. This can result in expensive property damage and even fire hazards when electric cables are damaged.

If you do find any rats in and around your home, contact Wallace Pest Control right away. We can identify what exact pest you are dealing with, spot any entry points, and determine an effective course of treatment.


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