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Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps emerge from their winter hibernation as the summer season draws near. Unfortunately, taking precautions to safeguard your home from this nuisance can be challenging because wasps may choose to build a nest in any number of locations around your property. 

Unfortunately, buildings like sheds and garages or area’s around your home such as wall cavities, and roof spaces are frequently ideal places for a wasp nest to grow. 

You should seek professional help to remove the wasp nest before the nest becomes settled over the summer, when the amount of wasp's will increase and their behaviour will become more aggressive.

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If you live in Darwen or the wider surrounding area and suspect that you may have a wasp nest on your property please make Wallace Pest Control your first port of call.

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    Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

    Our normal treatment involves applying professional pesticidal dust directly into the nest after puncturing the nest with a nest spike and a powerful duster. We use this method to enter additional openings since we can't quickly reach the nest. 

    If we are conducting unique treatments in a particular location where insecticides cannot be utilised, non-toxic approaches may be required. 

    Non-standard treatments may involve fogging or pesticide spraying when the nest cannot be accessed safely or without considerable effort.

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    How To Identify A Wasp Nest

    A queen wasp will chew wood combined with saliva to make a pulp that forms an outer shell with numerous inside chambers. This is once she has found the right location for her nest. 

    The wasp nest typically contains between 3000 and 8000 wasps in a typical year. It starts about the size of a golf ball before growing to the size of a huge football at its busiest. 

    A professional pest control firm must remove your wasp nest immediately if you discover a wasp nest. The queen will start producing 200 to 300 eggs each day once wasps are established and begin foraging.

    If you pay attention to them, you should be able to recognise them coming and going from a similar position. This is a clear sign that you have a wasp nest nearby. 

    Another thing to watch out for is the appearance of white tram lines on wooden furniture; wasps cause these lines by removing the wood from outdoor chairs, tables, fencing, and sheds to build their ever-expanding nest.

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    How To Prevent A Wasp Nest

    There are actions you can take to make your home less appealing to a nest and worker wasps looking for food. However, it's impossible to completely prevent a queen wasp from picking your property or garden as the location for her wasp nest. 

    Preserve Your Property: A queen wasp cannot establish a nest if she cannot enter. Look for cracks and openings, caulk holes, and cover air bricks and cable access points with mesh to prevent bugs from getting in. 

    Cut off the Food Supply: Bins and open food attract wasps. Bins should always be sealed and kept closed. Don't leave sugary foods or beverages out in the open. Clean any sugary beverage spills off the garden furniture and tables. Don't let rotten fruit sit on the ground if you have fruit trees or bushes. 

    Pick Up Rubbish: In addition to the previous suggestion, it is crucial to ensure that there isn't any food or beverage waste left lying around your property where wasps can gather.

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    Wasp Nest Treatment Darwen

    If wasps are still bothering you near Darwen, contact us immediately or call us at (744) 353-2851, and a knowledgeable, helpful team member will give you advice and find a workable solution.