Pest Control Blackburn


Professional Pest Control In Blackburn

Wallace Pest Control is Burnley’s leading pest control company, dealing with all sorts of Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural pests. We provide various solutions regarding pests in Blackburn to eliminate your space from annoying pests.

Call us immediately to schedule an appointment with one of our helpful and effective pest control professionals if you live in Burnley or operate a business there and believe you might require professional pest control assistance.

Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural Pest Control in Blackburn

Wallace Pest Control offers complete solutions for preventing and eradicating all types of pests from the home, business and agricultural premises with clients including residential properties, shops, restaurants, warehouses, pubs, offices, agricultural land and more. We provide a variety of pest control services, such as:

    Wasp Infestations

    Wasp Nest Removal Blackburn

    Wallace Pest Control use a variety of methods to destroy and remove Wasp nest’s depending on their location.

    Bedbug Infestations

    Bed Bug Treatment Blackburn

    Bed bugs are introduced when they hitch a lift on people, clothing, luggage etc & hop off when they find a nice warm place.


    Rat Control

    Rats are bad news not least because of the health risks they pose, but the damage they can do to properties is staggering.


    Flea Fumigation Blackburn

    Our flea fumigation team uses professional treatments to eliminate fleas from your home, brought in by our furry friends.


    Mouse Control Blackburn

    They may not have the same reputation as their rat cousins but mice can cause just as many problems in your home and to your health.

    Ant Infestation

    Ant Control Blackburn

    Black garden ants are small, wingless with nipped-in waists and there may be as many as 15,000 black garden ants in a single colony.


    Mole Control Blackburn

    If you have a mole come to stay it won’t be long till your garden resembles a lunar landscape, causing damage to your lawn.

    Pest Control Blackburn

    If you’re experiencing a pest problem in Blackburn and need professional assistance, please get in touch with us today. You can reach us by phone or email or by filling in our website’s contact form. We offer a free, no-obligation quote for all our services and are happy to answer any questions you may have.