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Wallace Pest Control offers complete solutions for treating and preventing all types of pests from your home, business and agricultural premises - clients include residential properties, shops, restaurants, warehouses, pubs, offices, agricultural land and more.

We are committed to controlling all types of pests discretely and with great care for the animal's welfare.

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    Burnley based Wallace Pest Control provides professional pest control services for the following types of domestic, commercial, and agricultural pests:

    Ant Control

    Bedbug Treatment

    Flea Fumigation Treatment

    Mole Catching

    Mouse Control

    Rat Control

    Wasp Nest Removal


    Ants in a Nelson house needing removing by a pest control companyAnt Control

    The black garden ant is a common sight in many gardens where nests will often form under paving stones, in soil and between brickwork.

    Each colony makes a nest that contains many worker ants – wingless females that cannot lay eggs. There will be one or more larger, egg-laying queen ant which has been fertilised by winged males – there may be as many as 15,000 black garden ants in a single colony.

    As you may expect, with up to 15,000 mouths to feed, ants are on the lookout for a reliable food source.

    Black ants will venture indoors foraging for food and sugary substances – the nest is their base for breeding and where their foraging expeditions start from and once they’ve found their way to a good food source they will leave a scent trail so the rest of the ant colony can easily find it too!

    Ant Control Treatment

    For common garden ants (Lasius Niger) we would generally apply an insecticide bait which is consumed and then carried back to the nest to be distributed amongst the entire colony – this is ideally suited to springtime as later in the year ant colonies become very strong and multiple treatments may be required to completely eradicate the issue.

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    Bed bug infestation in Nelson houseBedbug Treatment

    Unlike flea infestations, bed bugs aren’t brought into a property by pets or animals.

    Travel is the main way bed bugs are introduced to a property, they hitch a lift on people, clothing, luggage or other personal belongings and hop off again when they find a nice warm place to stay with lots of hiding places.

    Second hand furniture can also be a major cause of bringing bed bugs into a property. Bed bugs can go many months without a blood meal so just isolating an item for a period of time will not prevent further bed bug infestation.

    Bedbugs are experts in finding a hiding place, including on bed frames, mattresses, clothing, furniture, behind pictures, any other objects around the bed and even under loose wallpaper.

    Signs of a potential bedbug infestation are:

    • Blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases
    • Dark or rusty spots of bedbug excrement on sheets, mattresses, and bedclothes.
    • Bedbug faecal spots, egg shells or shed skins in areas where bedbugs hide
    • An offensive, musty odour from the bedbugs scent gland

    Treatment of Bedbug Infestations

    The choice and suitability of the product would be decided on site after assessing the suitability for the environment it is to be used in, often we use a combination of superheated steam applied to the bed frames, mattress bedside furniture etc. Followed by a natural insecticide mixed with an insect growth regulator.

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    Flea Fumigation Treatment

    Many of us have furry four legged friends at home such as dogs and cats, some businesses even have office pets, unsurprisingly, flea infestations are extremely common.

    Our expert flea fumigation team use professional treatments with a mixture of ULV treatment for fast acting knockdown combined with residual sprays or insect growth regulators.

    Fleas are tiny reddish, brown insects that love to suck blood! They prefer the blood of animals but are not at all discerning if a human is nearby!

    There are clear signs to look out for to confirm that your pet has fleas:

    • Excessive scratching or biting at the skin
    • Dry or raw skin
    • Irritated ears
    • Small red sores or scabs
    • “Flea dirt” (dark specs of dried blood)

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    Mole needing to be caught by burnley pest control professionalsMole Catching

    If a mole has come to visit it’s for one reason only. Food.

    Whether it is a grown mole or a young mole leaving home in search of new territory, if your garden is rich in worms and insects this will be an attractive place for them to start burrowing.

    The first sign of a mole is the dreaded molehill appearing all over your garden, turf, lawn or field. They are very easily established as garden inhabitants due to their ability to tunnel 4 metres an hour creating complex subterranean burrow systems.

    If you have a mole come to stay it won’t be long till your garden resembles a lunar landscape, not just causing damage to your lawn but rapidly becoming a trip hazard to humans and pets alike.

    Tunneling also damages the roots of plants and flowers and can dig up stones and debris which can damage machinery.

    Wallace Pest Control is a long time member of the Guild of British Molecatchers.

    This is one of the only organisations providing nationally recognised training and certification for the traditional mole control methods. The aim of the guild is to promote ethical and environmentally sustainable mole control methods.

    This benefits the nation as we support our farmers.

    Moles are not simply an unsightly inconvenience, they can literally be a death trap for livestock due to shallow tunnels near the surface causing serious injury.

    Moles also contaminate grassland intended for feeding livestock through soilborne bacteria such as listeria.

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    mouse pest control removing mouse from a kitchen in burnleyMouse Control

    If you see a mouse it is essential they are removed at the earliest possibility.

    Mice may not have the same reputation as their rat cousins but they can cause just as many problems in your home and to your health.

    Mice have extremely flexible skeletons and can gain access to your property through the tiniest of spaces – they only need a gap of 5mm!

    As well as causing damage to insulation, pipes and electrical wiring by their constant knawing, mice have also been known to spread diseases such as Salmonella, Listeria and Hantavirus via their urine which they use to mark their territory.

    Usually with a mouse treatment we first of all need to establish if it is house mouse or field/wood mouse as the latter cannot be treated using a rodenticide due to the increased chances of them getting back into the natural food chain and potentially causing secondary poisoning.

    Treatments will often vary depending on the type of property eg terraced vs detached as we will need to access the severity of the infestation and how likely it is coming from an external source or a neighbouring property along with other implications this may involve.

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    Burnley house with ratsRat Control

    Rat infestations are bad news not least because of the health risks they pose – rats are officially associated with around 55 different pathogens.

    They also cause significant damage, with their extremely sharp incisor teeth able to gnaw through doors, ceiling, joists, pipes, electrical wires, and floorboards.  Rats will also shred nearly anything for their nests from paper to linen and plastic

    The really bad news is if you’ve seen one rat there are likely to be between 5 and 10 other rats in the same nest. And there are often many nests in close proximity to each other that form a social colony of potentially up to 100 rats if sufficient food is available to support the population.

    Rats can normally be found under kitchen units, in basements, under garden sheds, under decking, behind bath panels and in loft space to name just a few places.

    It should be seen as relatively simple for a professional to clear a rat infestation by using both lethal and non-lethal options such as traps and rodenticide.

    However, our ultimate goal is not just to simply remove the current problem but also to provide long term prevention.

    As all rodents are highly adaptable creatures this can be a tricky business where a professional will be required. Rats only require a hole around the size of a 50p coin to enter your home and begin destructive behaviour.

    Wallace pest control is a proud supporter of the CRRU scheme. This means whilst we do make use of various control methods available to us, we will always use rodenticides responsibility with the welfare of our wildlife in mind.

    Call us now if you have seen a rat or think you may have a problem with rats  07443 052851

    wasp nest in burnley house

    Wasp Nest Removal

    Wasp nests are usually found in roof spaces, wall cavities, and air vents of properties but can also appear in garden sheds or eaves of the house.

    Wallace Pest Control use a variety of methods to destroy and remove the nest depending on its location.

    The wasp nest will start about the size of a golf ball and at peak activity grow to the size of a large football containing between 3000 to 8000 wasps in a typical year.

    If you’ve noticed a high number of wasps in a particular area there is a good chance you have a wasp nest nearby.

    Another thing to look out for is white tram lines on wooden furniture, this is a result of wasps stripping the wood from garden chairs, tables, fencing and sheds to use as the construction material for their ever-growing nest.

    If you identify a wasp nest its essential that you get your wasp nest removed by a professional pest control company as soon as possible. Once worker wasps become established and start foraging the queen will become a full-time egg producer laying 200 to 300 eggs per day.

    Once a wasp nest becomes established there will be much more activity with workers coming in and out and if any of those workers feel threatened they can release a pheromone which acts as a distress call for other wasps in the nest.

    It is for these reasons it is essential to contact a professional pest control company to effectively remove the nest.

    Do not attempt to do this yourself as wasps will feel threatened and become aggressive.

    Our standard treatments are done using professional insecticidal dust directly into the nest by puncturing the paper nest with a nest spike and a high powered duster. This method is also used on entrances into the nest where we can’t puncture the nest directly.

    With the extension lances, we can perform these jobs without the use of ladder up to around 6 – 8 meters.

    Non-standard treatments may require the use of non-toxic methods if we are in a sensitive site where insecticides cannot be applied.

    Non-standard treatments may also include spraying or fogging with insecticides where the nest cannot be reached safely or without further work being carried out to access the nest.

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