Garden Mole Removal

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We can offer a high-quality mole removal service as Guild Of British Molecatchers members.

Have you spent countless hours and money making your lawn spotless? You're upset because hills form on your grass.

We can help, though. For many years, we have specialised in mole-catching on farms throughout the northwest. As a result, we may place up to 800 traps at any time of year on some larger farms and estates.

Why is this relevant to you and your lawn?

Wallace Pest Control is qualified to provide pest control services by the Guild of British Molecatchers. UK Rural Skills has certified them to capture garden moles.

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    The Guild of British Mole-Catchers

    The Guild was created as a non-profit organisation for mole-catchers to show off their expertise in conventional mole management techniques. It was and still is vehemently opposed to using poisons and gases because of their negative environmental effects.

    As members, we encourage higher mole-catching standards to ensure animal welfare. Regular trap inspections and appropriate instruction in trapping methods are required.

    Visit The Guild of British Molecatchers for the Code of Best Practice details.

    Signs Of Moles

    The following indications could point to a mole infestation in your garden or yard:

    • Mole hills: Conical piles of soil known as "molehills" are brought to the surface by moles as they burrow underground. Mole hills, found everywhere in your lawn or garden, are typically about 20 cm wide.
    • Raised ridges: As moles excavate their tunnels, they leave elevated ridges on the ground's surface. Your lawn or garden may have these ridges, which can be ugly.
    • Plants wilting or dying: If you have any plants or bushes in your garden, you may have noticed this. This might result from underground tunnelling by moles, which harms plant roots.
    • Uneven ground: Moles can make the earth uneven and rough when they burrow underneath. This could make it challenging to walk on or cut grass.
    • Holes in the ground: Small holes may be seen alongside molehills, marking moles' tunnel entrances and exits.

    Contacting a pest control expert to handle a mole infestation is crucial if you see any of these signs.

    Mole Control FAQs

    Q: Are moles harmful to people or animals?

    A: Moles are not dangerous to people or animals, but their burrowing activities can ruin lawns and gardens.

    Q: Can I remove moles myself?

    A: Although a few do-it-yourself mole control techniques exist, they are sometimes unsuccessful and even dangerous to the environment. Therefore, contact a reputable pest control company for safe and efficient elimination.

    Q: What techniques do expert pest control firms employ to eliminate moles?

    A: Expert pest control services employ various techniques, such as trapping, relocation, and applying natural deterrents and repellents.

    Q: How can I stop moles from entering my garden again?

    A: Taking steps to remove moles' food sources, such as grubs and insects, as well as any prospective nesting locations, such as heaps of waste or mulch, will stop them from returning. Additionally, mole activity can be reduced with regular lawn upkeep and effective soil care.

    Garden Mole Removal

    If you have a mole problem, call Wallace Pest Control on 07443 052851 or message us through our website.