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Various varieties of ants are a frequent nuisance in the UK and can be problematic for both homes and businesses. These include, among others, pavement ants, pharaoh ants, and black garden ants.

The most common are black garden ants in gardens or near dwellings. Hospitals and food processing facilities are two business contexts where pharaoh ants are a significant threat. Finally, as their name suggests, pavement ants can be found building nests under concrete slabs or pavement.

Ant infestations should be handled by pest management since they may quickly become a nuisance and be challenging to handle on your own. In addition to contaminating food and harming structures, several ant species can sting or bite. Additionally, over-the-counter insecticides might not completely wipe out the colony, which could result in re-infestation.

Ant infestations can be handled safely and effectively with professional pest control services. We employ specialised tools and therapies that focus on the entire colony, guaranteeing total eradication of the issue. In addition, we can offer ongoing monitoring and preventative services to stop more infestations.

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    Cause of Ant Infestations

    Ant infestations can be caused by several things, such as:

    Food: Ants seek food sources, including crumbs, spills, and trash. Food left outside can attract ants to your house.

    Water: Ants require water to survive, like all other living things. Standing water, wet spaces, and leaky pipe drawings.

    Shelter: Ants want a location to build their nests; if your home offers a suitable setting, they will use it. Ants can access foundation cracks, gaps surrounding windows and doors, and other openings.

    Climate: Ants are more active during warm months, and during dry spells, they look for water sources inside buildings.

    Other factors: Some ants are drawn to electrical fields and wiring, and others may be attracted to specific plants.

    The first step to preventing ant infestations is to address their sources. Then, it's advisable to contact us to safely and effectively remove the problem if you have an ant infestation.

    Signs Of An Ant Infestation

    You probably have an ant infestation if you see ants inside your space. Likewise, there is probably an infestation if you witness ants crawling around, especially in large numbers.

    Ants build small heaps of earth or soil around their nest entrance. These piles are frequently located near gaps in doors, windows, or walls.

    Ant nests can be found indoors in crawl spaces, floors, or walls. In addition, they might be seen outside in the dirt, beneath rocks, or inside tree stumps.

    Pharaoh ants and other species are known for damaging food packaging to reach the food within. So if you find any small tears or holes in your food packaging, it is a sign of an ant infestation. 

    To treat the situation before it worsens, it's crucial to call a pest control expert if you see any of these indications of an ant infestation.

    Common Ant Types

    In the UK, there are several prevalent ant species, including:

    • Black Ant: Black garden ants are among the most common species, and people are usually aware of them. They are small black ants that are usually found in gardens.
    • Pharaoh Ants: These ants are small in size and yellowish-brown in colour. They are commonly found in commercial buildings like hotels and hospitals.
    • Red Ants: Red ants are commonly found in gardens and fields. They're notorious for biting people badly.
    • Ghost Ants: These small ants have a translucent, light tint. They inhabit homes and crave sweet flavours.
    • Argentine Ants: Argentine ants are brown and distinguished by their nests. They can be challenging to manage and are frequently found in gardens.

    To properly treat an ant infestation, it is critical to determine its type. Then, the right treatment strategy can be implemented with a professional pest control agency.

    Ant Control Treatment

    We often use pesticide bait on common garden ants that they eat and then carry back to the nest to disperse to the entire colony.

    This is perfect for spring because ant colonies are quite robust later in the year and may need several treatments to be eliminated.

    In rare cases, we may poison the exterior of a property while applying a good residual insecticide internally. This forms an impenetrable barrier to stopping foraging ants from annoying kitchens and living spaces.

    Ant Control

    If ants are bothering you, contact us immediately or call us at 07443 052851. Our knowledgeable, helpful team will offer suggestions and propose a workable solution.