Professional Disinfection and Decontamination Services

Wallace Pest Control provide specialist disinfection services for a number of situations. If your home is contaminated with rodent urine or faeces caused by infestation you are at serious risk of illness. If your business has staff members off work due to illness has the workplace been contaminated? Farmers, have your health inspectors found contamination in the dairy?  No matter the situation whether its commercial, domestic or agricultural we have specialist cleaning solutions on hand for you.

Chemical Disinfection Treatments

We carry out most disinfection services using compression sprayers or fogging machines. For premises that require a small downtime of operation we also have a ULV application option. This allows staff or residents to enter the building within as little as an hour of treatment completion.

Below is a list of the EN Standards covered by the products used:

EN1040     EN13623   EN12791   EN14476

 EN13697    EN13704   EN12054  EN14349

EN1276    EN13727     EN1650   EN14348

EN1499    EN14204    EN1500    EN14347



Steam and Heat Disinfection Services

For sensitive sites or for our customers who wish to avoid using chemicals we have steam treatments available. Disinfection through steam treatments are equally as effective as chemical treatments when carried out correctly. We have specialist equipment that produces super heated dry steam at 180 degrees Celsius. Although hot we assure you that there is unlikely to be any damage to property. Due to the length of time the steam is in contact with an object or surface is simply disinfects the surface only without heat penetrating.

For larger premises or outdoor steam disinfection and cleaning please contact Wallace Jet Washing. They have some superb industrial equipment that provides 25 litres of super heated steam per minute at up to 3625 PSI. With that equipment there is very little that cannot be cleaned or sanitised.

Odour Control

Odour control solutions for commercial facilities and toilets. Removal of rodent carcasses causing odour issues in the home or the workplace.


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