Rat in a basement near an open pipe
Rats And The Black Death
Rat in a basement near an open pipe
Rats And The Black Death

Sites Of Scientific Interest Damaged By Squirrels

Grey squirrels are known to cause significant damage to trees and other natural habitats in the UK, but they can also pose a threat to sites of scientific interest. Examples of this damage include:

Kew Gardens

In 2014, grey squirrels caused extensive damage to Kew Gardens' iconic Temperate House, one of the largest surviving Victorian glasshouses in the world. The squirrels' gnawing on wooden beams and structures caused significant damage, requiring expensive repairs and conservation efforts.

Natural History Museum

In 2013, the Natural History Museum in London had to close one of its galleries after grey squirrels were discovered causing damage to displays. The squirrels had chewed through electrical wiring and damaged insulation, causing a potential fire hazard and posing a risk to the museum’s collection.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Grey squirrels have been known to cause damage to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, including gnawing on plant labels and damaging trees and other vegetation. This damage not only poses a risk to the Garden’s scientific collections but also impacts the experience of visitors and the overall conservation value of the site.
These examples highlight the impact that grey squirrels can have on important sites of scientific and cultural interest in the UK. In addition to causing costly damage to buildings and collections, grey squirrels can also impact the biodiversity and conservation value of these sites by damaging plants and other habitats. As such, it is important to take steps to prevent grey squirrels from gaining access to these areas and to address any signs of activity promptly to minimize the risk of damage.

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