How to get rid of fleas

Cats and Fleas 

How to deal with cats and how to get rid of fleas: Cats make wonderful pets. As a family pet, a cat will give endless hours of enjoyment for the children when it wants to play. For older people the comfort of a cat curling up on ones lap is something very special. They are easy-maintenance animals too, as much of the time a cat will look after itself. Furthermore, cats do not mind being a solitary pet. If you’re willing to clean its litter tray regularly, and make sure your pet has clean water and fresh food every day, it could be the perfect pet for you.

The issues

Of course, cats do come with some inherent potential problems. They can fall ill and should be checked by a vet regularly for example, and one of these is that they often get fleas! Being honest, fleas are not particularly dangerous to us as humans, although bites are irritating, but they can cause health problems for the cat and as they spread easily, you don’t want them in the home. How do you get rid of fleas when you have cats?

Different Ways to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are likely to be a problem at some point if you have a cat, especially one that goes outdoors. If you have a cat that remains indoors, you are less likely to have the problem. How can you get rid of fleas? There are several ways, so let’s have a look at some of the more successful:

  • Flea Powders: have a look around and you will find many flea powders that claim to get rid of fleas successfully. However, these tend to include some rather nasty chemicals as ingredients, and a further problem is that they do not always get rid of the eggs. Fleas breed very quickly, so while you kill the first wave, others will hatch.
  • Flea Bombs: this method extreme infestations, as it involves filling your home with a chemical cloud designed to kill the fleas. Once again, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and it won’t necessarily get rid of the eggs.

There are others – and it is recommended you apply a regular flea solution to your cat – but what if you are one of the many who doesn’t want to use chemicals? There is another solution.

Pest Control Experts

Need a method that will guarantee to get rid of the fleas in your home? Contact Wallace Pest Control. We are happy to advise you of the best way to get the job done, without using chemicals yourselves.

As professionals with experience in the field of pest control including but not limited to fleas. You will find we have the right approach and expertise to end your infestation once and for all. So why not get in touch now and make your home comfortable once more for you and your beloved pet?


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