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Annoying wasps are the scourge of any BBQ or outside activity, landing on food, buzzing around drinks and generally making a right pest of themselves.

With the warmer spring weather arriving the queen wasp emerges from her hibernation and starts looking for a suitable spot for her wasp nest.

Unfortunately, the ideal spot for a wasp nest is often in man-made structures such as sheds, garages, wall cavities, under eaves and roof spaces.

It’s important that you get some professional help to remove the wasp nest before the nest gets established throughout the summer where the number of wasps will significantly increase and their behaviour gets more aggressive.

As well as covering all of Lancashire we also have dedicated teams for Wasp Nest Removal in Clitheroe and Ribble Valley , Wasp Nest Removal in Burnley and Wasp Nest Removal in Accrington

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Flea Treatment

Many of us have furry friends at home such as cats, and some businesses even have office pets. This means that flea infestations are quite common.

We offer professional flea treatments using a mixture of ULV treatment for fast acting knockdown combined with residual sprays or insect growth regulators.

Working with homes and offices our treatments are 9 times out of 10 cleared of infestation with just one visit.

We understand you may require a rapid, efficient and professional response, to your pest issues. Our experienced friendly team will offer advice and provide an effective solution.

As well as covering all of Lancashire we also have dedicated teams for Flea Fumigation in Burnley and Flea Control in Accrington.

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As A Homeowner You May Find It Necessary To Call A Pest Controller At Some Point Or Another.

We are here to help you keep problematic and dangerous pests away from your home.

Friendly advice and preventative tips will be given by a professional following any control work. We are happy to give advice and investigate any other pest problems you may have.

Some pests are harmless to humans but may cause damage to your property. However some pests can cause painful stings or bites and some carry potentially life threatening diseases. Please always seek a professional’s help when dealing with pests.

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We Offer All Kinds Of Services For Businesses From One Off Rodent Treatments, Disinfection And Of Course Yearly

Whether you own a takeaway restuarant or a large commercial warehouse, our service includes a free, no obligation site survey, which allows us to inspect your pest problems and provide a recommendation that will keep your building pest-free, while maintaining the highest standards of health and safety and causing the minimum possible disruption to your daily business activities.

Wallace Pest Control offer professional bespoke commercial pest control contracts to suit your needs and budget.

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Any Farmer Knows The Importance Of Good Pest Control For Crop Protection, But Also For The Protection Of Livestock.

Many pests spread disease but also directly attack or harass livestock.

At Wallace Pest Control we understand the importance of protecting your crops and livestock, we are trained in various pest management methods many of which are well suited to agriculture.

Whether you are having problems with moles, rats, foxes or geese, we can help keep the pests away so that you can focus on your job.

Due to the huge differences of infestations and surroundings we are unable to give fixed prices here, but don’t let this put you off. Give us a call and we will give you a bespoke quote specific to your individual situation.

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Traditional Molecatcher Accredited By The Guild Of British Molecatchers.

All molecatching services provided by Wallace Pest Control are carried out by me, Kane Wallace.

I have been catching moles for a number of years and have always proved to be a very efficient molecatcher. I have been awarded the molecatching accreditation levels 1,2 and 3 by the Guild of British Molecatchers and will provide a top quality service.

Mole catching has a long history. Even the Romans made ingenius traps to rid themselves of the little gentleman in black velvet.

I hold a deep respect and fascination for the mole, however there are very valid reasons for mole control and I would rather control them myself than see the inexperienced cause suffering to moles.

As a traditional mole catcher I only use kill traps. Whilst many traps are sold as ‘humane traps’ they cause tremendous amounts of unnecessary stress and suffering to moles. Moles have a fast metabolism and will starve to death very quickly in these types of trap.

It is also illegal to release pest species into a new area without the landowner’s permission. Unfortunately even with the landowners permission, a released mole lacks sufficient energy to hunt, will be in open view of predators and will be very stressed owing to the new environment ( Imagine yourself being thrown into the middle of the woods with no food or map)

A quick and clean kill in a correctly set and sufficiently powerful trap is far more humane than the above.

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