How To Keep Moles Out Of Your Garden

Are moles causing mayhem in your garden? Have you twisted your ankle and said a few bad words caused by a mole hill? Moles are actually great for the enviroment and help to reduce insects in your garden, however they are more commonly known as the annoying little critters who destroy lawns and gardens.

What Damage Can Moles Do?

Moles can be a very big problem for a garden with a network of tunneling they can cause havoc on lawns causing unsightly ridges in lawns and they can damage the root system of turf. Moles tunneling can also uproot plants and flowers causing plant damage and death.

Home Remedies for Moles Repellent

Cat Litter

Sounds like a weird suggestion and one you definitely won’t find in a university book however if it works then don’t question it.

Using cat litter sprinkled in a runway will repel the moles, this sounds easy however it may not be so simple.

Since moles can dig an elaborate network tunnel system so determining the right runway and tunnel to treat could be daunting and frustrating task. The cat little does depend on the smell of feces to repel the moles so stay away from scented cat little.

Mole Repellent

Take a trip to your local DIY/garden store and you should come across a biodegradeable mole repellent. This natural repellent will work wonders preventing the moles from disturbing your garden. Buying a biodegradeable repellent will mean the issue should be dealt with in a humane way without harming the animals.

Mole Repellent Bulbs

Using mole bulbs in your garden is a very simple method to repel the moles, as an all-natural repellent you simply need to plant these bulbs deep in your lawn.

With these natural mole repellent bulbs, your garden can be mole free for up to two years, leaving your lawn mole free.

If you are facing an invasion of the little critters we do suggest to call in the professionals. Current UK animal welfare regulations increasingly emphasise that a target species should be controlled in a way that protects it from unnecessary suffering,even under the terms of pest control.

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