Wasp Nest Removal Burnley

Wasp nests are usually found in roof spaces, wall cavities and air vents of properties. Wallace Pest Control uses a variety of methods to destroy the nest depending on it’s location. As a professional we use only contact dust as the normal method of application which kills off the colony within 24 hours. Because of the dangers involved in dealing with a wasp nest we approach every job with the correct protective clothing including mask, gloves and goggles.

Wasps The Threat

The sting of a wasp causes an injection of venom into the victim. Dissimilar the sting of a bee, the wasp sting can be withdrawn from the victim and used again, wasps can be extremely aggressive. A single wasp can sting many times which can cause an allergic reaction which is some cases can require a trip to the hospital.

Our Process

When we arrive, we will talk you through the process of how we are going to treat your unwanted wasp nest. Step one is to carry out a risk assessment before proceeding to provide the safest strategy possible. If you have any questions or concerns you may have with regards to the wasp nest removal process and what to expect after the wasp nest has been treated then we are more than happy to answer all questions.

What To Expect After Our Visit

Activity in and around the nest will slowly start to die out to the point where there will be no sign of activity at all. Usually this process takes 24 hours as a short and clean method. Once the nest’s inhabitants have all been killed, it will not be re-used by any wasps in the future and can be safely removed if needed at a later day.

If you find an usual amount of wasps in and around your home, contact Wallace Pest Control right away. We can identify what exact pest you are dealing with, spot any entry points, and determine an effective course of treatment.


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