Wasp Nest Removal Lancashire

Wasp Nest Treatment Lancashire

Annoying wasps are the scourge of any BBQ or outside activity, landing on food, buzzing around drinks and generally making a right pest of themselves. 

With the warmer spring weather arriving, the queen wasp emerges from her hibernation and starts looking for a suitable spot for her wasp nest. 

Unfortunately, the ideal spot for a wasp nest is often in man-made structures such as sheds, garages, wall cavities, under eaves and roof spaces. 

You must get professional help to remove the wasp nest before it gets established throughout the summer. When the number of wasps significantly increases, their behaviour gets more aggressive. 

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    How To Identify A Wasps Nest

    Identifying a wasp nest can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the appearance of these structures. However, here are some common signs to look for when trying to locate a wasp nest:

    1. The sight of wasps: If you observe a large number of wasps flying around a particular area, there is likely a nest nearby.
    2. Chewed wood: Some wasp species, such as paper wasps, chew wood to build their nests. If you see small pieces of wood or paper around a particular area, it may be a sign of a nearby nest.
    3. Buzzing sounds: If you hear a loud buzzing sound coming from a particular area, it may indicate the presence of a wasp nest.

    It is worth noting that wasps can be aggressive and sting multiple times. Therefore, avoiding getting too close to a nest or attempting to remove it alone is best. To safely remove a wasp nest, contact a professional pest control service.

    How To Prevent A Wasps Nest

    Preventing a wasp nest from forming in the first place can be challenging, but there are ways to reduce the likelihood of a nest on your property:

  • Maintain Your Property: Wasps can enter your home through small cracks and gaps in windows, doors, and walls. Seal these openings with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent wasps from entering.
  • Keep your outdoor space clean: Wasps are attracted to food and sugary drinks, so clean up spills and dispose of garbage regularly. Keep your outdoor trash cans covered to prevent wasps from accessing food.
  • Wasp traps: Place a couple of wasp traps near the garden’s end. Wasps can easily enter wasp traps but find it challenging to exit once inside. Wasps will find it even more alluring if you add sugary bait.
  • Wasp Nest Treatment Lancashire

    Remember, wasps are significant pollinators and can help control other pests, such as mosquitoes and flies. If you have a wasp nest, it is advisable to have it removed by a professional rather than attempting to remove it on your own.

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