Flea Infestation Control Accrington

Professional Flea Control Services in Accrington

Many of us have furry friends at home, such as cats, and some businesses even have office pets.

This means flea infestations are quite common in the home and the workplace. Luckily we are the leading flea control specialists serving Accrington.

We offer professional flea treatments using ULV or Fogging treatments for fast-acting knockdown combined with residual sprays or insect growth regulators at Wallace Pest Control.

In some circumstances, we can offer chemical-free alternative treatments using pest-specific steam cleaning equipment. This provides a rapid knockdown of active fleas, and we use desiccant dusts to kill off emerging fleas later on.

However, repeat treatments are sometimes required with chemical-free treatments. This is because the residual component is less efficacious on newly hatched fleas than residual chemicals.

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If you have a flea infestation that you need urgent help with, please contact us using the form below or call us on 07443 052851. Our experienced, friendly team will offer advice and provide an effective solution.

    Need pest control quickly?

    Working with homes and offices our treatments are 9 times out of 10 cleared of infestation with just one visit.

    We understand that when faced with a flea infestation you may require a rapid service. We aim to attend your property at a time convenient for yourself and within 24 hours of the initial call. Wallace Pest Control will always provide an efficient and professional response, to your pest issues. Our experienced friendly team along with our specialist technicians will offer advice and provide an effective solution to remove your current pest problems but also to prevent them returning.


    Flea Control FAQS

    1. Do you only cover Accrington for flea control?   As one of our specialist services we cover outside the Accrington area. In fact we cover all of Lancashire
    2. I just have one room with fleas, can you just treat that?  Unfortunately we do not offer flea treatments for single rooms. Due to how fast fleas spread in a property we generally need to treat the entire property at once.
    3. Will the treatment kill the fleas on my cat?  We recommend that you take your affected pets for a veterinarian administered flea treatment. You should do this within two days before or after a home treatment.
    4. The person on the phone said I had to vacuum before you arrive, why? If there is any significant amount of dust or pet hair on the carpet it will limit the effectiveness on the treatment. This could even mean have to pay for an additional treatment later on.
    5. How fast do the fleas spread? Fleas lay up to 50 eggs per day. Therefore it is important to catch the infestation early on.
    6. How long do I have to leave the home?  Depending on the treatment chosen you may have to leave your home for up to 5 hours. This is for your own safety!
    7. I have a fish tank at home, is that a problem?  Ideally small fish tanks should be removed from the home during treatment. If however you have a large tank then please call for advice
    8. I don’t have pets, why am I finding fleas?  Pet owners are more prone to fleas generally. If you have moved into a new property however they could be fleas emerging from their dormant state whilst the property was vacant.