Wallace Pest Control – Proud Members of The Guild of British Molecatchers

All molecatching services provided by Wallace Pest Control are carried out by me, Kane Wallace. I have been catching moles for a number of years and have always proved to be a very efficient molecatcher. I have been awarded the molecatching accreditation levels 1,2 and 3 by the Guild of British Molecatchers and will provide a top quality service.

A top quality service not only means for the customer but also the humane service we offer for the animals welfare, by inspecting traps daily our traditional methods prevent any unnecessary suffering.


The Guild has a code of practice which outlines the commitment of their members to uphold traditional values and welfare for the mole. Wallace Pest Control as a level 1,2 and 3 guild member will always abide by the following code:

  • 1, Respect the mole at all times.
  • 2, Before commencement of work make a full assessment of the area and consider the personal and /or risks to third parties or other non target species.
  • 3, Consider the use of the area/s and what type of mole trap would be beneficial and achieve the results to that location.
  • 4, Only use good quality traps that are in good working order.
  • 5, When using traps never leave them exposed, care should be taken to cover to avoid accidentally injuring non target species or third parties and reduce tampering.
  • 6, Traps must be inspected once a day, however where risk assessment identifies, some multiple visits maybe required.
  • 7, Always record the quantity of traps used at a location.
  • 8, Always remove all traps from a location if inspection is no longer to be made.
  • The guild is committed to traditional mole catching skills and the welfare of the mole and our humane methods will always follow these guidelines.

    For more information on the Guild of British Molecatchers guidlines please click here.

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