Wasp Nest Removal Accrington

Professional Wasp Nest Removal for Accrington and Surrounding Areas

Wasp nests should be approached with extreme caution. Unlike bees, which are quite passive, wasps can be very aggressive so the first step is to always figure out which pest you are dealing with. 

Wallace Pest Control offers professional wasp removal in Accrington and we are ready to visit your property today for both domestic and commercial properties including hotels, take-aways, restaurants, offices and more.

Wasps are social insects and form colonies. The wasp colony will reside in a nest which they build in a suitable area.

For them, a suitable area would include roof spaces, wall cavities and air grates of buildings.

Wasps can also build nests in soil or trees, usually preferring to nest higher off the ground. Once a wasp colony decides to construct their nest on in your property, you have a tricky situation on your hands.

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    What to do if you have a wasp nest

    When you are dealing with a wasp nest, you have two options

    • Hire a professional
    • Attempt to remove the nest yourself

    There are many home remedies to remove wasp nests however if you are dealing with wasps you should approach with caution, wasps have a very powerful sting and readily use it to defend the nest or themselves.

    Call A Professional

    Removing a wasp nest can be a tricky process, whilst there are ways to attack wasp nests by yourself it is rarely advisable to do so.

    If there are children in the area, or people with potential allergies you will want to know that the situation is being handled correctly and safely and that’s exactly what you will get with Wallace Pest Control.

    If you are still being pestered by wasps then Contact us now or call us on 07443 052851 and our experienced friendly team will offer advice and provide an effective solution.

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