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How to get rid of fleas

Cats and Fleas  How to deal with cats and how to get rid of fleas: Cats make wonderful pets. As a family pet, a cat will give endless hours of enjoyment for the children when it wants to play. For older people the comfort of a cat curling up on ones lap is something very special. They are easy-maintenance animals too,...

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How To Treat A Wasp Sting

Summer in the UK usually only lasts 5 minutes so as soon as we see that first ray of sunshine we all head out for a day in the sun. With our pale legs out, we soak up the sun in our gardens and parks until the rain comes. However when basking in the summer sun with our legs out on show we sometimes get unwanted guests...

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Home Remedy Wasp Repellents

Wasps are a nightmare at a family BBQ or garden party, causing grown men to run around like little headless chickens in fear of being stung. Although it is funny to watch your family run away from something so small, wasps are a threat and can cause an allergic reaction. If you start to see more wasps in your garden...

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How To Keep Moles Out Of Your Garden

Are moles causing mayhem in your garden? Have you twisted your ankle and said a few bad words caused by a mole hill? Moles are actually great for the enviroment and help to reduce insects in your garden, however they are more commonly known as the annoying little critters who destroy lawns and gardens. What Damage Can...

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Our Tips For A Bug Free Household

What Are The Most Annoying Insect Pests? When asking yourself that question i am sure you have a list of pests that give you a shiver down your spine. Ants, flies and wasps are the most likely choices to answer that question however others include bed bugs, termites and more. We have listed our top tips to make sure...

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